White Christmas in the cottage land

I have enjoyed the Christmas spirit already some weeks.
For me big part of the Christmas are the preparations and meeting friends. Many live abroad and come to  see us in the Christmas as in Finland this time is unique. The darkness, white snow,  Santa Claus, Christmas markets, Northern lights etc etc.

This year Tampere Christmas market has two very nice “bars” in which you can enjoy the famous Finnish sweet Glög with or without alcohol.   Sales articles are classic: food, handcrafts, decorations and gifts.  Traditional hand made himmeli is now more popular than ever. Don’t you know what it is? take a look at the image below.



Best place for food shopping is the old Market hall in Tampere center. There you can find for example Nygren Fish Market which is famous for it’s good quality and big selection of local fresh fish. They will always tell you where the fish comes from. You can find fish picked up same morning from the nearby lakes.  Salmon is one of the most popular ingredients in Finnish Christmas dinner.   Käpykakku is a delicious cake for every celebration. This traditional Finnish sweet can be found from market hall all year long. It has got it’s name from the shape of Käpy = cone.

I prefer to spend Christmas time in the cottage as always.  Fireplace and candles, good food and wine, friends and family around, as much peace and quietness as you want, what else you need?

You need snow! and we got perfect powder snow last week. Nearby Sappee ski resort is now fully open for those who love to ski. After days of eating winter sports outside makes so good!

Wish you all Merry Christmas!


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