Western Lakeland


Experience the Finnish nature!

Our holiday accommodations are located in the Western Lakeland area of Finland. As the name suggests it is the area where we have the most lakes in Finland. In this page we will introduce you to our beautiful lakes and there nature. We will also introduce you to Laipanmaa forest area, which is a perfect place for hiking and animal watching.


water lily



We have many forest and lakes and only few people. This is why we have a lot nature around us. Forest is home for many animals and birds. The common ones are moose, rabbits and foxes.  By the lakes and fields you see often swans and cranes. There are also bears and wolfs, but it is very rear to meet them. They will discover you far before you will see them.

Symbol of our province is lynx.  They are difficult to see as they move during the nights and tend to hide.

animals in Finland
©Matthieu Ever/Visit Finland

Laipanmaa forest

Laipanmaa forest


Laipanmaa is a big forest area (150 km²) between Pälkäne and Kangasala municpalities. It is an ideal place for hiking and animal watching. There are many different tracks. You may also take a tent with you and sleep in the forest. Along the tracks you’ll find an area (called Laavu) to build a fire and rest.

Take a look at the trekking map of Laipanmaa.



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Lake Kukkia


Kukkia lake

Kukkia lake is incredibly beautiful with it’s islands and rocks. Water is clean and clear. It’s terrain is varied, there are sandy beaches as well as muddy ones. It is ideal for boating, fishing, canoeing and swimming. There are many summer cottages but they are nicely hidden.


Rajalansaari is owned by the municipal of Pälkäne and it can also be rented. There is a special smoke sauna, a place for outdoor cooking and a cottage without electricity. During the summer the smoke sauna is heated once a week and everybody is welcome to join by paying a small entrance fee. If you wish to meet local people this is a great way to do it.  You can reach the island by boat. If you go to Rajalanniemi by car and manage to find the pier next to the island you can wave your hand. If there are people they might see you and someone might pick you up. Read more about Rajalansaari from Pälkäne Municipality page.


August is the best time for cray-fishing, it’s tradition to arrange a crayfish party. You can purchase them directly from a fishermen. Ask the locals, they will tell you how to get them. Fresh ones are better than the ones in the supermarket.

Lake Pitkäjärvi



Pitkäjärvi is a small lake surrounded by forests. It is about 3 kilometers wide with 2 islands inside it. Because it is small it is rare to see any boats with an engine. It is ideal for canoeing and rowing. It’s a perfect place for relaxing! There are fishes like pike, bark and perch. The cottage we rent is located on the peninsula and the image on the left is taken from the pier of the cottage.

Canoeing in Pitkäjärvi

Lake Vehkajärvi



Vehkajärvi instead is a big lake. There are more than 200 islands! It’s water is crystal clear and the locals even drink it.

The lake is 8,8 kilometers long, 6,7 kilometers wide and 26,08 km². However it is not very deep. In average 5,53 meters and full of rocks.  The deepest point is 19,64 meters. The rocks and islands makes it very special and characteristic.

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