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The cottage life

In a cottage everything is based on self service i.e. you need to cook your own meals. There might not be the same facilities as in your home, but it can be more fun. Maybe you choose to cook outside with a wood or gas fire. You might have picked some mushrooms from the forest for your risotto or use the fresh fish you just caught! You will be in close contact with nature. You can often start your day with a swim in a lake and enjoy your morning coffee in the terrace. If you are sporty you may go running directly from the door and enjoy the small roads without tarmac.

Before leaving you need to be sure that the place is in the same conditions as it was when you arrived. Even if the final cleaning is included or you have ordered it separately you should always take away the garbage, do the dishes, bed linen and towels shall be left at the end of the bed.


There are over five million people in Finland and more than three million saunas. Almost all Finns attend the sauna regularly, on average a little more than once a week. The traditional sauna day has always been Saturday but during the holidays you can do it every day.
Usually, in a Finnish sauna it’s better to start slowly, getting used to the sauna’s heat. When you get use to the heat you can start to pour water over the stones to build up the humidity. We recommend to use aromatic oils in the water to enhance the experience. Eucalyptus is refreshing and mint is calming and relaxing. But please don’t exaggerate, a few drops are enough.
It is common to bath between saunas, possibly in the lake, during the winter you can cool down in the open air or in the snow.

In all of our accommodations it is possible to have a sauna. Usually you have to heat it yourself. You’ll find detailed instruction on how to do it in the cottage booklet.


How to arrive in Finland

In Finland you may arrive by boat, by train or by airplane, depending on where you are coming from.

Commonly used airlines are: Finnair, Lufthansa, Norwegian, KLM,Air France and SAS.

Helsinki-Vantaa airport has the best connections. In some cases you may arrive to the small Tampere-Pirkkala airport. Helsinki-Vantaa is about 140 km away from Pälkäne and  about 60 km from Tampere-Pirkkala airport.

How to move

As all of our holiday accommodations are located in the countryside a car is a must. There are many car rental companies. Search offers online and book-it directly from your home.

Midnight sun

In the south of Finland the midnight sun legend is not completely true. The sky is lit all night long during the midsummer, you might not see sunsets exactly at midnight but a bit before that and a nice sunrise soon after it. However midsummer in Finland is worth of visiting. The days are long and everything is super green.  You can try the magic of boating in the middle of the night. The smell of the flowers and plants is almost heady in the night.

There are several traditions in the Midsummer. A typical Midsummer night starts with a sauna at 6 p.m and ends in the morning. A big fire is lit in every cottage, you can here singing and dancing. Flowers are put in the water and candles are placed next to the doors.


Evryone has the right to collect berries and mushrooms for their own use. This is part of something special in Finland called: Everyman’s Rights

Every man’s rights in brief:

 You can:

  • move by foot, ski or cycling in areas other than courtyards and special areas (eg fields and cultivations)
  • stay temporarily in areas where access is permitted (for example, in a tents far enough away from living quarters)
  • pick natural berries, mushrooms and flowers
  • fish and go ice fishing
  • travel on water and on ice

You can not:

  • cause disruption or harm to others or the environment
  • disturb wild and domestic animals
  • knock down or damage trees
  • remove moss, lichen, soil or wood
  • disturb households
  • litter
  • drive a motor vehicle on private land without the owners permission
  • fish or hunt without the relative permits


Making a campfire is very popular but every time you do it in the nature you must have the land owners permission. When there is a high risk of fire hazard it is not allowed to start one.  The weather forecast will inform you of such hazard risks. Anyway you can use the barbecue place in the cottage if available.  Usually you do it after a sauna. Everything tastes better outside!

Read more about Every mans rights

Northern lights

Northern lights can be also seen in the Western Lakeland area of Finland, tough it is rare. In average they can be seen 12 times a year. Mostly it happens in  autumn and in winter when the sky is clear. There are several applications for your smartphone to follow this phenomenon and to get an alarm when they are visible. One of those is Revontulivahti.


Are you travelling with pets?

We all want to have holidays, even our pets. This is not a problem. Almost all our accommodations allow pets. Check the description of the property before booking.

As our cottages usually have a private beach and yard dogs can enjoy swimming and playing without disturbing others.  You only need to make sure that they stay in the property yard . Naturally you are responsible of your pets behavior.