Sunday skating


March is my favorite winter month. I love to spend time outside in the snow when sun is shining. I usually go horseback riding or skiing but this Sunday I decided to check-out ice skating track on the ice of lake Roine in Saarikylät.  This is not the only track nearby, there is also one in Näsijärvi and another one in Tohloppi and one more in Pirkkala but Saarikylät was the first track in Pirkanmaa region. I chose Saarikylät as it closest and maybe also nicest 🙂   I packed my camera and some snacks into my bag and decided to have a look.  Skates are possible to borrow from the place. There is also a nice coffee place in an old farm building.  Skating is not the only way to see the track, you may try a toboggan which has became popular. I saw many around.  The track is about 3 kilometers long and the views are fantastic. I even saw a horse carriage.   After skating there is a place to make a camp fire and have a barbecue, wood you can purchase with 5 euros. I had nothing this time but next time I will bring something. Instead I went inside in a nice and warm coffee place.

Skating, what a lovely way to move! Warmly recommended.

Tour skating
Saarikylientie 888 (next to Heikin leipä)

tel. +358405526460

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