Summer is here, Aitoo +30 degrees!


Sunshine and hot weather hit the north! We’ve been enjoying the sunshine and the heat for a couple of weeks now. In a sunny position in my back yard the meter showed 30 Celsius in the day before yesterday! Sounds like a perfect summer for those who have decided to spend holidays in a cottage.

The first spring ran a way with a speed of light. The Blue Holidays accommodation network has received new rental cottages and many bookings as well. I’ve been studying on the side, so the blog updates has been pretty few but now I have qualifications i.e. for working as a guide. Anyway our guided tours at the moment are organized by a professional guide Tuija Haalahti from Pälkäne. She has a long career as a guide in Florence and she has created for us a variety of interesting city tours with awesome selection of languages: Finnish, Italian, German, English and Spanish.

Summer cafes and farm stores are opening their doors and I can not say anything else that summer’s here!


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