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Onkkaala is the center village of Pälkäne community. Pälkäne and Luopioinen were united at 2007.  Pälkäne is sorrounded by water; lake Mallasvesi on the west side and lake Pälkänevesi on the east side. Kostianvirta river flows through the lakes and the center of Onkkaala. Other important lake is Kukkia in Luopioinen.

Onkkaala is small but big enough to offer all needed services; big grocery shops, pharmacy, banks, specialty shops, cafes and bars.

Old and new church

In the picture above you can see “new” church of Pälkäne.  It is designed by architect Carl Ludvig Engel who has also designed the famous Nikolai’s church in Helsinki. The old church below is from the middle ages but there are only ruins left. However it is an interesting place to visit.

River Kostianvirta

Kostianvirta river flows true the village center. Kostianvirta has had an important battle in the war against Russians during the time when Finland was part of Sweden.  You can find the place near the river with more information about the battle. The area nearby is very appreciated and many beautiful villas are build by the river.


In the beginning of the river, by lake Mallasvesi, you’ll find a great place for swimming and relaxing.  This natural beach has white sand and clear water. It is popular between families who have children as there a good services for kids. Other great swimming places and tourist harbors you’ll find from Aitoo, Luopioinen and Kuohijoki.

Tasting village

Pälkäne is famous from it’s high quality local food. There are many producers who sell directly from their own shops. Laitikkala village has been renamed to Makukylä which means the Village of taste.

There are producers like Rönnvik (wine and beer), Suttinen (strawberries and vegetables) Kesänmaku (meat), Heikkilän juustola (cheese).

Along the road to Luopioinen you’ll find  Niittyseppälä farm (strawberries and other fruits and vegetables) and towards Tampere Syrjysen strutsitila farm (ostrich meat).

Many of these places have a coffee place and guided tours for tourist. Niittyseppälä has a nice tourist farm with domestic animals next to their shop (in the summer).


Syrjänharju is a part of a mountain (ridge) chain that runs from Salpausselkä to Ostrobothnia. From the water tower of Syrjänharju you can admire the landscapes of Pälkäne. The tower is located right in the center of Pälkäne.

Beautiful country villages

All villages in Pälkäne are worth for a visit, especially in the summer. Among the most beautiful ones are Luopioinen, Puutikkala, Laitikkala and tiny  villages of Haltian and Vuolijoki. Vuolijoki is actually part of Hämeenlinna but we recommend to visit it if you are in the Pälkäne.





Ilvas - cottage, 2 bedrooms

Ilvas - cottage, 2 bedrooms

Sarkastentie, Aitoo, Pälkäne
75m², 2 bedrooms, kitchen-living room, sauna, dressing room, veranda, terrace. Max. 4 adults. Distan More info
Rihanniemi cottage - lake Kukkia

Rihanniemi cottage - lake Kukkia

Rihanniemi, Luopioinen, Pälkäne
Price from 1,120
High standard rental cottage made of wood logs is located next to the beautiful Kukkia lake. 76 m²,  More info
Sappee big villa and BnB

Sappee big villa and BnB

Sappeentie 394, Pälkäne
Price from 55
92 m2, 5 rooms, sleeps 15 Distances Sappee Ski Resort approx. 1.5 km Luopioinen 10 km Tampere 49 km More info

Canoeing trip


Canoeing is a great way to explore the beautiful and unique lake district in Finland. Feel the soothing effect of water on a beautiful summer day. The mind is resting and the body is captured in activity, so the little problems of everyday life are forgotten, at least for a while. Please book the guides […]


Fishing trips


Are you interested in fishing? Here you can see some of the trips which are arranged by a professional local fishing guide. FLY FISHING Price: 500€ (incl. VAT 24%) max. 5 people Duration: max 5h / extra hours 50 € Location: Haihunkoski (Viiala) Includes: Fishing permits, fly fishing gear and wading gear rental, lessons on fly fishing techniques and refreshments + cold smoked salmon sandwiches […]


Full day experience with Icelandic horses

horse riding trips

Spend a summer day with Icelandic horses in Pälkäne. The day starts with coffee, which is enjoyed in the garden if the weather is good. Then we take our horses from the pasture and saddle them. During the morning you will be able to learn riding techniques in the field. Then it is time for […]


Off road safari with jeep cars

The driving routes are deep in the forests, with many different terrains: rocks, dunes, ups and downs and other natural obstacles. The diversity of nature is present around you all the time. The inhabitants of these forests are, for example, bears, elks, wolves, deer, lynx, and countless other animals. The route is usually planed together […]