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Hauho is a historical village in the south Finland. This village is part of Hämeenlinna city.  Tough it was previously a center of Hauho community. Distance from the center of Hämeenlinna is aout 35 km. Houho is know from it’s medieval Church build in the 16th century and the beautiful old center with wooden houses surrounded by water.

Hauho’s route

Well know Hauho’s route is a route which you can travel by boat towards many lakes. The most notable lakes are Iso Roinevesi (maximum depth 73 meters), Pyhäjärvi, Hauhonselkä and Ilmoilanselkä, which are part of the Hauho route.  Hauho’s nice tourist harbor brings you directly in the center.

Stone age inhabitation

Eteläinen and Alvettula are the biggest villages inside Hauho area. Hauho area has been inhabited since the Stone Age, as evidenced by living places found in  Eteläinen and Perkiö villages.

The current settlement of the area is inherited from the Iron Age from the 5th century. Ironmongery can be found in Ilmoila and Alvettula, for example. In the Hauho area there are also old sacrifices and the ancient castle of Hyypievuori.It is possible to visit stone age ancient finds in Kalomäki.


In the center of Hauho you will find all daily services like big grocery, spirits store, pharmacy, Kievari restaurant, coffee and piazza places. The center is small and nice to walk especially the old part of it. You may visit museums and if the weather is good you may walk up to tower to admire the view over the village and lake.

Vanharaitti is full of fine old wood made houses with the name of a family who use to live in it.

Vihavuosi rapids – salmon fisihing

There has “always” been life around the beautiful rapids of Vihavuosi, though the place is remote. People traveled even from Helsinki to fish here. In the darkness of the nights, there were thrown up big salmons up to seven kilos. Many famous artist and important culture persons such us Eino Leino, Sulo Vuolijoki, Väinö Lampén and some of the Järnefelts have been fishing in Vihavuosi.


Even today it is a popular place for fly fishing enthusiasts. Fishing licenses are sold by Vihavuosi village association. They will start to sell the permits for fishing early spring.

The beautiful countryside scenes of the year have attracted artists, among others. painter Väinö Kamppuri, Aimo Kanerva, Yrjö Ollila and Mikko Oinonen painted in Vihavuosi. Ilmari Vuori lived permanently in Sappeen Virransilla. Poet Yrjö Jylhä also lived in Vihavuodi in the 1930s.

The heart of Vihavuosi in the early days were saw mill. The Mill Museum has guided tours during summer. River cafe by the rapids is open all summer from May to the end of August.  They organize many kinds of happenings including very popular wild boar feasts. From most of our rental cottages it is possible to arrive in Vihavuosi by bicycle or by boat and of course from every of them by car.


The village of Vuolijoki is a valuable cultural venue. Vuolijoki manor has brought a small village to the map thanks to the family of the Wuolijoki family. Wuolijoki’s men were Finnish-speaking state-run and left-wing MPs. Sulo Wuolijoki was also a newsreader and writer. His wife was Estonian-born Ella Murrik, Hella Wuolijoki, a businesswoman, a writer and general director of Finnish Broadcasting. Hella Wuolijoki wrote famous Niskavuori series inspired by the region.

Place to visit: AteljeeGalleria Virpi&Orbi,
Niskavuorentie 405, Vuolijoki, Hauho.

Country Finland
Languages spokenFinnish and swedish
Currency usedEuro
Härkälinna log castle

Härkälinna log castle

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Torpat 5 bungalow cottages

Torpat 5 bungalow cottages

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Uttamonkärki log cottage by Iso-Roine lake

Uttamonkärki log cottage by Iso-Roine lake

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Uttamonkärki log cottage is located in a beautiful scenic headland with view to the pristine Lake Is More info
Villa Karhu  by lake Iso-Roine

Villa Karhu by lake Iso-Roine

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Big holiday rental cottage 120 m2, up to 12 persons by lake Iso-Roine.  The cottage was build in 199 More info

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