About us

We are a Finnish accommodation network offering rental cottages, holiday apartments, guide services and outdoor activities. We operate in the western lake district between Tampere and Hämeenlinna cities. The company was born when I returned to Finland from Italy during the summer of 2017.  I realized that we have something valuable here that could be developed as a travel product. I have lived hectic business life aboard, traveled and seen the world. However, for me there is nothing as relaxing as a cottage holiday by a lake; spending time with family or friends, having a sauna and  cooking outside in the barbecue place.   If you wish you may add some days in the nearby cities to see some culture attractions as well.  This is my prescription for a perfect holiday!
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© Saara Kostama/Visit Finland
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Wolf in Finland
Susi - Wolf

Nature experiences

I have put together on my website the companies offering outdoor activities next to our holiday vacancies. Here in the lakeland you can experience the nature by renting a canoe, participating in horse riding trips, hiking, fishing etc. You can also try new sport types such as down hill cycling or frisbee golf. Safari with jeep cars in the wilderness is an activity full of excitement combined with a wonderful nature.

In the winter time Sappee Ski Resort offers many opportunities for winter sports. There are plenty of cross country skiing tracks close to the cottages. In a snowy winter it is worth to try snowshoeing. Skating can be fun too.

My favorite activity is horseback riding. I recommend to try it. It teaches you to calm your mind and listen to silent messages the horses give you. It’s also a good  sport exercise.

Sikke - founder

This is my land

I grew up in the village of Aitoo in the Pälkäne region. Where I learnt to love and respect nature.  Afterwords I have lived in Helsinki, Sweden and Italy and at the end I came back. Now I wish to tell to the others how great place this is, and attract more tourists to our villages.

For me it is important to give the right information about our destinations and what to expect. I want to reach those who are interested in genuine nature and countryside and who appreciate rest and peace. Tough we are not far from the cities. It is possible to combine a visit in the capital with your holiday in the cottage. My values are honesty, authenticity and slowing down.

About the business idea

In Finland we have a wonderful nature, the cleanest air of the world, peace and privacy, but also plenty of activities and nature attractions.

This region is full of beautiful lakes, large and small. Our accommodations are located by the lake or in the vicinity, having forests almost next door. Staying in touch with nature is good for the health, this has been proven.  My business idea is to offer peace and nature experiences as a counterbalance to the busy modern life.

The sauna is, of course, an important element for us Finns including myself.  I will be happy to teach this great relaxation method to our travelers. Each accommodation we have offers a possibility to try a sauna.